The first original video project of Surfer Grrrls Brazil, a personal adventure and multi-media project to inspire girls in the outdoors.  This rap and video are inspired by my surfing and skating adventures  in the south of Brazil.  I spent three months here, exploring Florianopolis, Paraná, São Paulo, and São Sebastão and meeting inspiring female surfers.  To write this rap, I teamed up with my dear friend Dani Antunes, an amazing human who is also a skater, philosppher, teacher, poet, and mom.  For the beat, we invited a group of our awesome activist musician friends to get together for an afternoon – and our friend Alice joined in with a poem. Special thanks especially to Aloha Maciel, Marina Rezende, Manuella Brasil, Janaina Rezende, Luanna Ribeiro, and Maria Liza Monteleone — who have made many of my first surfing adventures in Brazil much more fun!  Big thanks also to Mike Deni, Zazo Alves, and Alice Besnard – without whom I would have no video documentation of my own surfing/skating/musical adventures.